Yaser Safi

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1976Born in Qamishli, Syria
1997 BA of Fine Arts, Graphic Department, Damascus University, Syria
1999 Diploma of Superior Studies in Graphic, Fine Arts College, Damascus University, Syria
1999-2001 Supervisor at Graphic Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University
1999-2005 Lecturer at the Institute of Graphic Department Adham Ismail, Damascus
2006-2009 Graphic Department supervisor, the Sharjah Institute of Art, the United Arab Emirates
2010 Workshop / Tripoli - Leipzig / collaboration with the University of Leipzig for the visual arts in Germany

Solo Exhibition
2011 Mark hachem Gallery،Beirut
2010 kozah Gallery, Damascus, Syria
2007 Portrait fine art Gallery Cairo, Egypt
2007 The Majilis Gallery, Dubai
2007 Sharjah Art Gallery, UAE 
2005 Zara Gallery, Amman
2002 Notus, Brussels, Belgium, co-op with Kozah Gallery
1999 French Cultural, Damascus, Syria

Group Exhibitions 
2011 Art fair Beirut,Mark hachem Gallery 
2009 Ayyam Gallery ,Dubai
2008 Art and Antiques art fair-Dubai,UAE
2008 Ayyam Gallery Dubai inauguration - UAE
2008 Ayyam Gallery -Art& Design art fair- New York
2007 Biennale Sarssel, Paris
2006 7th Triennial International for Stamp, Chamalieres, France
2006 Exhibition of a duet with French artist Zanda, Bilad al-Sham Gallery in Aleppo
2005 Exhibition graphics with the band "Turak" French / theater things / Aleppo, Damascus
2005 Exhibition of 1+1+1 Dar words, Aleppo
2004 Exhibition of a duet -Etching and sculpture- Atelier Gallery, Roma
2003 Zara Gallery, Amman, Jordan with sculpture Mohammad Omran
2003 6th Triennial International for Stamp, Chamalieres, France
2002 4 Syrian Artists, Zara Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2001 Beit Al Mada for Arts & Culture, Damascus, Syria
2000 5th Triennial International for Stamp, Chamalieres, France
2000 5 Young Artists, Kozah Gallery, Damascus, Syria

2001 1st Graphic award winner, Second Syrian Youth Exhibition, Damascus