Ghassan Jadid

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Born in Tartus 1946.
Graduate of the faculty of Fine Arts Damascus 1971.
Participated in the official exhibitions Spring and Autumn since 1965.
Worked as a specialist educator of art  in Tartus. 
Currently:  full-time artist.

Solo exhibitions 
1962 Exhibition with the late artist Ahmad Jbeli in Tartus
1967-1975 Exhibition in Tartus Cultural Center Hall.
1968-1970-1974 Exhibition in The Arab Cultural Center Hall in Damascus. 
1978-1982 Exhibition in The People Gallery in Homs.
1979-1982-1985 Exhibition in The People Gallery in Damascus.
1982 Exhibition in Ugarit Gallery in Damascus.
1985 Exhibition in Rafah in Damascus.
1986 Exhibition in Chibli in Damascus.
1987 Exhibition in Ornina in Damascus.
1987-1988-1991 Exhibition in the Spanish Cultural Center in Damascus.
1991 Exhibition in Aram and Ashtar in Damascus.
1991-1992 In a library in  درو فبلتز    city in Germany.
1993 In Said Gallery in Damascus.
1989-1994-1995-1996-1997-1998-1999-2000-2001-2002 In Ashtar Gallery in Damascus.
1995-2008 In the French Cultural Center Hall in Damascus.
1996 In Mrs. Mary Gordon's house  in Damascus.
1997 In Mrs. Davis (English)  in Damascus.
1998 In Mrs. Aleson Dimont ( Dutch) in Damascus. 
1998 In Mrs. Charlotte Barttlet (English) in Damascus.
1998 In Ajial Gallery Beirut.
1999-2005 In Shell  Company Club Gallery.
2001 In Shahba Al-Sham Hotel in Aleppo.
2003 Exhibition in Carthage  hosting  the Mediterranean creators Tunisia.
2004-2005 Exhibition in Yereba Gallery in Paris.
2005 Exhibition with four artists in Yereba Gallery in Paris.
2006 Exhibition in Al-Atasi  Gallery in Damascus.
2008 Exhibition in Kawaf Gallery in Aleppo.