Bassem Dahdouh

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Dr. Bassem Dahdouh
Born in Damascus in 1946.
Graduate of Adham Ismail center for plastic art, Damascus, 1981.
Graduate of Fine Arts faculty, Damascus, painting division in 1986 with distinction. 
Holder of a Master's Degree, 1995.
Doctorate Degree in Art Philosophy from Helwan University in 1997.
Dean of the faculty of Fine Arts – in Arab International University AIU.
Faculty member in the Fine Arts Faculty in Damascus and a professor of painting and drawing in it.
He represented Syrian Arab Republic in The International Biennale of Venice-Round (52)- Italy, 2007.

Solo exhibitions:
Held thirteen solo exhibitions in:
Damascus – Aleppo- Tunisia- Kuwait- Lebanon-Alexandria-Cairo-Beirut.

Group exhibitions:
Participated in the exhibitions of the annual plastic art centers until his graduation from Adham Ismail Center for plastic art  in 1979- winner of oil painting award in 1979.
Participated in the exhibitions of the professors of Fine Arts Faculty since 1989 up till now.
Participated in the exhibitions of the international youths in Sophia, Bulgaria in 1989.
Participated in the exhibition of "the ten",  Ashtar Gallery (2) in Damascus 1991.
Participated in the exhibitions of eight artists- Wafaa Gallery for arts in 1991.
Participated in the exhibition of The Syrian plastic arts in Tripoli- Lebanon 1992.
Participated in the youth Salon in Cairo and Alexandria, 1994-1995.
Participated in the exhibition ( five Syrian Artists), Cairo Atelier 1994. 
Participated in the second International Sharjah Biennale-jury award,  1995. 
Participated in the sixth International Cairo  Biennale. 1996
 Participated in the exhibition ( Woman in the eyes of Abstract artists),  Donia Hall, Cairo ,1996.
Participated in a group exhibition with Egyptian artists in Europe hotel- Cairo,1996.
Participated in the Third International Biennale in Sharjah, Certificate of Appreciation, 1997.
 Participated in the exhibition "three artists" – Atasi Gallery- Damascus 1997.
Participated in the second "Mahaba = love Biennale" in Latakia 1997.
The Big Painting exhibition, French Cultural Center Hall, 1999.
Exhibition of Beit Sibai, Ashtar Gallery, Damascus, 1999.
The Syrian atelier exhibition on the occasion of Beirut as the Capital of Culture in the Unesco Hall in 1999.
Exhibition " a salute to the men of resistance" Beirut, 2000.
Exhibition " Chairs Chairs" ( Damascus-Khanji Gallery- Imar Gallery) 2000-2001.
Exhibition Miniatures – Beit Jabri- Damascus, 2000.
Exhibition " Humanities" Damascus National Museum, 2000.
Exhibition "Masterpieces" Aleppo, Kawaf Gallery, 2000.
Exhibition " Contemporary Syrian Art Experiences", Green Art Gallery- Dubai, 2001.
Exhibition " White-Black"  Beit Jabri Gallery for Contemporary Art, 2001.
Exhibition " Women and war" International Committee of the Red Cross Headquarter,  Damascus- Amman- Geneva, 2001.
Exhibition " Contemporary Art in Syria" – Arab World Institute- Paris, 2001.
Exhibition " artwel"- Beirut-  Beit Jabri Gallery, 2001.
Exhibition " Artsud" – Beirut- Paris- بالي دو كونكريه,2002.
Exhibition " euruop art"- Geneve- Switzerland in EXPO.
Exhibition " Five Contemporary Syrian Artists" – Latakia Museum, 2004.
Exhibition ( 22X22) Fateh Al Mudares Gallery, Damascus, 2005.
Festival Concordia University, Montreal- Canada, 2004.
Exhibition " Eight Syrian artists" Croquis Gallery, Damascus 2005. 
Exhibition " Contemporary Syrian art", Uruk Gallery-Old Damascus, 2005.
Exhibition "International Contemporary Art Beinalle" in Iran- Tehran, 2005.
Exhibition " group of artists"- On the occasion of Aleppo as the Capital of Islamic Culture- Kalemat House, Aleppo, 2006.
Exhibition " Professors of Painting Department", Kalemat House gallery- Aleppo, 2006.
International Exhibition for Contemporary Arts – Turkey- Istanbul, 2005-2006.
Exhibition " A group of Syrian Artists " to commemorate twenty years of the opening of Ashtar Gallery, 2007.
He represented Syrian Arab Republic in its firs participation in The International Biennale of Venice- Round (52)- Italy, 2007.
Group Exhibition " Masterpiece" Kozah Gallery, 2008.
Menasa art fair, 2001, Beirut. 
Group Exhibition for a group of Syrian artists in Kwait- Telal Gallery-2014.