Maysan Salman

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Tartous – Syria 1984,
Lives in Damascus
2006: Graduated from Faculty of fine arts
Damascus University

Collective exhibitions
2008 The Plastic Art Symposium (Palmyra)
2008 Sculpture workshop (Kozah Gallery-Damascus)
2009 The First National Symposium for Art & Sculpture (Industrial free Zone-Hessyaa)
2009 The ( Cement in Art) workshop ,exhibition (The French Cultural Center-Damascus)
2009 Collective Exhibition at the German Cultural Center – Ghethe Workshop with the german artist Ernest Hesseh (Fine Arts Faculty-Damascus)
2010 The (Work&Art) project Exhibition (CCF-Damascus)
2012 Collective Exhibition Les Plumes Gallery-Beirut
2012 – 2013 - 2014 Beirut Art Fair with Samer Kazah Gallery (B.I.E.L. Beirut)
2012 The Small Statue Exhibition Mustafa Ali Gallery-Damascus
2012 Collective Exhibition (Kozah Gallery - Damascus)
2013 Syrian Contemporary Art Fair Samer Kozah gallery Artheum-Beirut
2013 TWILVE+ Exhibition Mark Hachem Gallery-Beirut
2013 Contemporary Art Exhibition Arsh Art Gallery - Dubai
2014 contemporary Beirut Samer Kozah gallery Artheum-Beirut
2014 Singapore Art Fair 1st edition Samer Kozah gallery

2011 The first award of the profissional young scalptors
Shagaf contest (Kamel Gallery-Shantout workshop) Damascus